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With more than ten years of experience, ALIANZA LEGAL™ S.A., Corporate Lawyers, is one of the most important law firms in Bolivia.

Our professionals have served hundreds of domestic and foreigners companies.

The Good command of English and Portuguese makes possible that Lawyers of ALIANZA LEGAL™ can give advice people, institutions and companies from different countries.

Our good reputation was gained thanks to our search of excellence; the efficient, integrated and high-level service performed in different areas of specialization; as well as the strictly follow of ethical principles and values.

Over the years, we have maintained a Leadership Role stressed in different specific areas such as Corporate Law, Corporate Governance, Foreign Investments, Capital Market and Industrial Property Rights.

Our team includes more than 20 persons among lawyers, practitioners and the administrative staff dedicated to give legal advice to domestic and foreign clients in different fields of Business Law.

We have high-level lawyers with graduate and postgraduate degrees granted by the most prestigious Universities of Law in Bolivia, United States, Europe, and South America.

We have offices in the most important cities of Bolivia – La Paz and Santa Cruz – and agents in Central America, South America and North America to provide a worldwide legal service.
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Address, Of. Santa Cruz: Av. Beni Tercer Anillo Interno Calle Los Tureres No. 2000
Phone: (591-3) 3407333
Fax: (591-3) 330 1873
Address, Of. La Paz: Av. Arce, No. 2809, Edif. Guanabara, Piso 1, Of. 102.
Phone-Fax: Telf./Fax. (591-2) 2432209
Contact email: central@alianzalegal.com
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Address, Cochabamba: Calle Baldivieso, No. 662, Edif. Alameda, PB- of. C zona central.
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