We solve problems and prevent conflicts
Provide to our clients a legal service specialized in Business Law; reach personal and professional fulfillment of our members with the most highly ethics and excellence standards.

Become the best law firm with international outreach in Bolivia; exercise a strong leadership in every area of practice and establish itself as a legal reference in the matters of Business Law. Go beyond the time as an innovative and first-mover law firm with a high human quality with a strictly follow of ethical principles.

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Address, Of. Santa Cruz: Av. Beni Tercer Anillo Interno Calle Los Tureres No. 2000
Phone: (591-3) 3407333
Fax: (591-3) 330 1873
Address, Of. La Paz: Av. Arce, No. 2809, Edif. Guanabara, Piso 1, Of. 102.
Phone-Fax: Telf./Fax. (591-2) 2432209
Contact email: central@alianzalegal.com
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Address, Cochabamba: Calle Baldivieso, No. 662, Edif. Alameda, PB- of. C zona central.
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